The D57 Series Dynamometer: D557SG

The D57 Series Dynamometer: D557SG



Join the winning team with the High Performance line of Go Power dynamometers. The D57 Series dynos are designed to be quickly and easily fitted to an engine mounted on a fixed base or mobile engine stand. Between the D357SG (600 HP and 500 lb-ft) and the D557SG (1,000 HP and 750 lb-ft), you will find the right dyno for your testing needs.

Fact Sheet/Duty Curve:  D-357 Dyno

Fact Sheet/Duty Curve: D-557 Dyno

GoPower also offers a complete dynamometer system, the GPR557. The GPR557 is designed to fill the needs of the High Performance engine builder utilizing the latest in technology including state of the art data acquisition and control combined with a convenient engine cart and reliable D557 absorber. This system lives up to the legendary performance of Go Power Dynamometers. Click here to learn more about this innovative system.


Max Power     750 kW     1,000 Bhp
Max Torque     1020 N-m     750 lb?ft
Base Speed     7,000 rpm     
Max Speed with grease lubrication     Continuous: 7,500 rpm     Intermittent: 10,000 rpm
Construction     High-strength phosphor-bronze alloy     
Mainshaft     Hardened stainless steel     
Bearings     Four grease roller/ball type or lubricated roller/ball     
Rotation direction     Bi-directional     
Torque Sensor     Strain gauge load cell (0?30 mV)     
Speed Sensor     60-tooth wheel with inductive pulse pickup     
Water flow required at max power     340.6 lpm     90 gpm (US)
Water outlet connection gravity to drain atmosphere     25 mm     1.0 in.
Dynamic Pressure     3.0 bar     43.5 psi
Dimensions: Width x Height x Depth     559 x 391 mm     22 x 15.4 in
Weight     64 kg     140 lbs.