Technical Education & Training with Dynamometers

In training the next generation of engine testing experts, today’s technical schools want to provide future technicians with hands-on education. There’s no better way to do that than with the most trusted dynamometer equipment. That’s why Taylor Dynamometer equipment supports technical education around the world.


Engine Dynamometer

  • Used in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering (electric motor testing), technician training and certification programs and more
  • Facilitate troubleshooting – Place a load on the engine to simulate a fault and diagnose
  • Rebuild training – Break-in, run-in, troubleshooting or load testing for post-remanufacturing performance validation
  • Reinforce that load testing advances higher quality to satisfy customers and helps control cost by reducing warranty claims

Chassis Dynamometer

  • Often considered the most important verification and training tool for a vehicle training center
  • Allow instructors to demonstrate performance enhancements, drivability issues and solutions
  • Typically tailored to the needs of local businesses and sponsors