The 550E Test Stand is designed to test a wide variety of on-highway and off-highway, medium and heavy duty transmissions and torque converters. The machine accommodates mechanical and hydrostatic transmission testing with the ability to mount all standard drop-box or offset, engine, mid-ship and remote mounted powertrain systems.

Based on the 450E Transmission Test Stand, the 550E provides larger transmission mounting ability, expanded testing capabilities with integrated hydraulic oil supply and diagnostic flow loops for control of torque converter and transmission. The 550E test stand utilizes the most advanced variable speed motor/drive control technologies to provide exceptional AC motor performance for input speed and torque control. While many test procedures are un-loaded, when required output load is accommodated with an optional air-cooled eddy current load unit.

This progressively engineered, quiet, compact system keeps vehicle downtime to a minimum by greatly reducing critical failures found in testing prior to installation in the vehicle. Performance testing on the 550E will eliminate the added costs of disassembly and repair for rebuilt or serviced components.
Our equipment is used around the world in manufacturing and remanufacturing facilities, service centers and at many global military depots. The 550E design gives a high degree of flexibility to test a wide variety of transmissions.


  • Designed to test engine, remote and mid-ship mounted transmissions as well as torque converters
    Accommodates drop-box output configurations
  • Quiet variable speed electric motor driven design aids in troubleshooting the transmission
  • Driveshaft connection to input and output eliminates the need for precise alignment of transmission and minimizes vibration
  • Optional Eddy Load Unit allows ability to apply precise controlled output load to confirm functions, monitor noise issues and simulate actual operational conditions
  • Eddy Load Unit accommodates vertical and horizontal offsets
  • Dynamic Load Sensing (DLS) controls peak input torque as needed allowing prime mover speed to decrease during up shifting
  • Integrated hydraulic supply pump and oil reservoir with preheat, turbine flow measurement and filtration
  • Three additional non- loadable diagnostic flow loops
  • Pressure transducers with easy access ports for shift pressure data
  • Integral drain sump with pump and filter to recirculate test oil
  • Requires input power of 380 – 460 VAC, 3 PH 50 or 60 Hz
  • Adapter kits available for all major transmission makes and models
  • Provides printed reports (customized with your company logo) of the test results, including shift patterns


Electric Motor (Prime Mover) Selections (other voltage options available on request) NOTE: Main Power Disconnect (provided by others) must use time-delay slow-blow fuses or a breaker with an adjustable over-current setting.550E-150125 hp (93 kW) 380 VAC / 50 Hz – 300 amps
150 hp (112 kW) 460 VAC / 60 Hz – 300 amps
550E-200165 hp (125 kW) 380 VAC / 50 Hz – 350 amps
200 hp (147 kW) 460 VAC / 60 Hz – 350 amps
550E-300250 hp (185 kW) 380 VAC / 50 Hz – 450 amps
300 hp (224 kW) 460 VAC / 60 Hz – 450 amps
Max. Transmission Input Torque (continuous)550E-150442 lb-ft (610 Nm) up to 1,785 rpm
550E-200588 lb-ft (811) Nm) up to 1,785 rpm
550E-300883 lb-ft (1,216 Nm) up to 1,785 rpm
Max Speed3,600 rpm (bi-directional)

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