Dynamometers for the Transportation Industry

From on-road trucks to delivery & municipal vehicles, buses, airplanes, trains, propeller-driven aircraft and more, many modes of transportation require detailed testing with dynamometer systems. To get the most of your equipment and ensure your test success, tap into Taylor’s experience and expertise in the transportation industry.


Engine Dynamometers

  • Load test engines, electric motors and various drivetrain components
  • Verify performance after rebuild
  • Ensure a higher level of product quality that helps reduce warranty claims and satisfy customers

Chassis Dynamometer

  • One of the most important validation tools in a commercial and industrial vehicle production and/or repair center
  • Evaluate vehicle capability, troubleshoot engine or other driveline component issues and validate performance prior to shipment
  • Document vehicle performance with verifiable and traceable data
  • Support preventive maintenance by inspecting and validating vehicle performance on a regular basis