The 35X-Series water brake engine dynamometers are designed for testing the majority of on and off-highway diesel engines and electric motors. With capacities up to 2,100HP and operating speeds of up to 4,000 RPM, the 35X-Series provides a versatile testing solution for a wide range of applications.
This trunnion-mounted, fixed-base water brake engine dynamometer may be used for continuous-duty engine power verification, quality assurance, endurance, and certification testing.


  • Low-inertia and high-absorption characteristics in a compact package
  • Removable bearing and seal housings facilitate technical service without the need for disassembly of the absorber
  • Inlet control allows for low minimum horsepower
  • Low minimum loading characteristics
  • Adjustable absorber seals


  • The ability to test a wide range of engine displacements on the same dynamometer
  • Through-shaft design allows either end of the dynamometer to be driven and to accept additional dynamometers in tandem plus a variety of accessories including starting systems
  • Equal absorption capabilities in either direction of rotation


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