Testing Challenge:

Major Power Transmission equipment supplier needed a high torque universal testing solution designed to test both in-line and off-set transmissions/gear boxes that was capable of high speed data collection during the full duration of long test runs for their research and development facility.

Custom Engineered Solution:

Engineered solutions designed a cutting edge 5,000 hp (3,728 kw) regenerative testing solution with a maximum torque capability of 15,000 ft.-lbs. (20,337 nm). The machines regenerative drives reclaim a majority of energy produced from the unit under test (uut) during testing, which reduces the overall cost of testing (maybe this should be part of the result area). Drive and load motors move horizontally and vertically to accommodate a large variety of test components. Customized powernet software controls the machine and completely automates un-supervised ‘lifetime’ test runs, during which data is collected at 5 khz per second for the full duration of test.


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